Each culture in the world is unique. If you want to attract a woman coming from a certain culture, you have to do your homework and learn as much as you can about it. Learning even small pieces of a certain culture will allow you to have a better perspective on how people, coming from that culture, think. And, because we are all for finding love in FSU countries, we’re going to take a look at five differences people see in the Ukrainian culture:

Smiling and Handshakes

Ukrainian culture

Don’t take it personally when a Ukrainian doesn’t reciprocate your smile and your handshake. Just like the Russian culture, smiles are reserved for special occasions and friends, and handshakes are just not that customary (especially for Ukrainian women). Remember this next time you meet a Ukrainian lady.

The Guest of Honor and Presents

When you’re a guest at a Ukrainian household, you can expect that you’ll be the center of attention. You’ll be well taken care of, well fed and well entertained. Great, right? As a form of thanks, well advance thanks, in this case, bring a gift for the keeper of the house or the host before actually staying at the house to show your advance gratitude for the accommodation and hospitality. This is the polite thing to do in the Ukrainian culture as well as in the Russian culture.


Ukrainians and Russian are very superstitious. It seems like they have a superstitious belief about all the things in their life. Most Ukrainians may seem nonchalant about the whole thing; some may even joke about specific superstitions but, strangely enough, they still avoid whistling indoors and buying an even number of flowers as gifts.


In most cultures, the term “friend” or “friends” is considered to have a more general meaning. For example, even if you’ve only known a person for a week, he or she can be considered a friend. It is very different in Ukraine. The term “friend” has a deeper meaning. A Ukrainian can have one or two friends and many acquaintances. You have to put in a little effort and a whole lot of genuineness to become a Ukrainian’s friend, take note.

Educating Kids

Most kids in the West have extracurricular activities. It’s the same in Ukraine, but the difference is this: kids have a lot of extracurricular activities. There’s a huge demand for private tutors especially for learning languages. Ukrainian parents tend to want the best education for their children. Hence, they supplement the kids’ schedule with other activities aside from the ones in school. For example, dance, art, music and so on.


This may be a quick insight into the Ukranian culture, but it’s an insight still. If you have a Ukrainian friend, feel free to check on him or her if these are still accurate today. Cultures do evolve and change, and that’s why you need to be informed and on your toes about it if you want to impress and keep a lovely lady from Ukraine.