A lot of guys are interested in online dating Russian women but have no clue about what these ladies like or dislike. To be successful with dating them, it is important to figure both of these things out. In this article, we are going to take a look at what Russian women do not want to see in a guy. Here is a small list:

1. Cheapskates

Russian womenNo, that does not mean you need to be loaded to date these ladies. What you do need to do is to show that you are making an effort with trying to woo her with special gestures. And by gestures we mean – paying on dates, getting her flowers or small(inexpensive) gifts. Taking her out to nice restaurants and so on. Contrary to popular belief – Russian ladies aren’t too impressed with wealthy guys – they tend to have a bad attitude and not appreciate their partners.

On the topic of presents: Giving presents is very big in the Russian culture. You are supposed to give them for almost every occasion imaginable. When you pay someone a visit at their home – bring a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, and some good alcohol with you.

2. Cheaters

Yes, this one is quite obvious. Nobody wants a cheater, but Russian ladies take it to a whole new level. There is no dating several people at the same time even if you are single and just looking to have some fun. People get exclusive fast – you will be a couple very soon. Even if you have gone out only on two dates should you be seeing anyone else.

3. Quitters

Nothing put off a person faster than a quitter. Russian women are considered to be among the most beautiful women on this planet, and they are used to being chased after. A lot of the time guys think they can get one over them, and so they have become hard to get.