Russian ladies are known for their beauty and many of them are looking for love online. Russia is often the destination to where Western men travel with hopes of finding someone to share their life with. There are some things you need to be mindful of when travelling to Russia to meet Russian ladies. We are here to help you out with a couple of tips.

Traveller Targeted Scams meet Russian ladies

There are many of these. Even though Russia is a country with a large focus on tourism it still isn’t too foreigner-friendly. Lots of crooks have an understanding that foreigners are nothing but cash cows. There has also been an increase in high tech crimes like rigged ATM machines. As as safety tip we don’t recommend you use any of the ATMs on the street. Try withdrawing funds from ATMs that are located inside trusted banks. Also we suggest you don’t carry large amounts of cash on your person and you should carry your money and bank cards in separate pockets or bags.

You should also be mindful about taxis and establishments such as bars and restaurants. We advise you only go for yellow taxis since they are the official taxis or other taxis that you know are registered. As an added precaution, always settle with a fare before you get in a cab. This protects you from being charged over the normal rates. At restaurants and bars always ask for the menu where you can see the prices.

Manners are Important

Being polite matters a lot in Russia. Being from a different culture doesn’t excuse anyone. People act politely and being rude is frowned upon. You should treat the local women with respect. Open doors for them and let them enter first. Also help the elderly up or down the stairs or across the street. Especially the ones that are carrying bags. When travelling via public transport always offer your seat to a woman. This is the right thing to do and will impress your lady friends.

When you engage in conversation – steer away from topics that are sensitive there, politics and history most especially. This region has a serious history with war and ongoing struggles with it’s neighbouring countries so it’s better to keep from these topics. With the women you need to keep from any sexually suggestive language. You won’t be getting far with dating a Russian woman if you don’t know how to behave.

Beware of Harassment

This is always a difficult topic to touch upon but it should serve as a warning. The general populace of Russia are friendly and very hospitable, there are still plenty of those that have a problem with outsiders. Racism is still a problem in several parts of Russia and there are places where it isn’t advisable for you to travel if you are a non-Caucasian traveller. Also you need to be ready to show your ID and passport to the police. Try not handing your documentation over and make notes of their name, badge number and rank/title. Just in case you need to report something to your embassy.