If you are dating a Thai woman, you should be very careful about how you go about it especially at the start of the relationship when you aren’t very familiar with each other. You need to put work in getting to know here culture and introducing her yours. International dating is a delicate matter and we have found the following 4 mistakes to be very common:

1. Not putting in enough effort to understand and celebrate her traditional holidays. 

Tradition is a very important part of a persons life if they live in any Asian country. Your favourite girl can be from the Philippines, China, India or Thailand – you can’t escape celebrating traditional holidays. There is Christmas, several holidays for saints and spirits, a special lunar calendar holiday and so on. Not showing an interest is a major turn-off and not just that – it is seen as insulting.

2. Treating her like she’s less valuable.

Several things file under this paragraph – treating her like she’s lesser because she doesn’t speak great English or how incredibly polite she is, how she loves to do housework and so on. You should always be a gentleman. Women in Asia are taught how to take care of the home, it comes naturally to them. They may not go to schools that put emphasis on teaching English etc. Find things you like about her and compliment her on those.

3. Assumptions that she’s in it for the money.

Unfortunately there is such a negative image out there about women from poorer regions of the world. People think they would go for any guy that has money just to get out of a not so wealthy environment. You don’t want to be the guy that takes a stab at someone’s dignity.
There are some girls like that out there but you can’t judge everyone based on their existence. Be cautious and stay respectful.

4. Assumptions that she will definitely be a housewife.

There are women that love the idea of staying home to take care of their husband and family but there are also those that want to put some focus on another part of their life – education and career. If you are very sure you are more comfortable with your partner staying at home you need to clear the air relatively early in the relationship.

These 4 mistakes are among other ones people make when dating a Thai woman and you don’t want to step into that trap. Do more research on your own and come back for more dating tips!