Let’s assume that the readers of this article have gotten themselves an Asian girlfriend. Among all other things that you can do together, by far the most important thing is communication. Because you can’t be always be physically present in each other’s lives you must focus on maintaining the relationship via communication. Here are 4 of the best ways you can do that with your Asian girlfriend: Asian girlfriend

1. Check out the features your website offers.

Did you two meet via an online dating site? Check the site’s features. If you are not new to only dating sites you already know that the features and services on dating sites usually cost money. Typical features the sites offer are chatting, sending emails and video chatting.

One can also find free options like Viber and Skype but some ladies aren’t very comfortable with moving the communication off the site. There are plenty of reasons for this and one of them is that she may not trust you fully just yet. That isn’t something you should take personally. It is understandable that the women just want to be safe. The best idea for you is to budget the money and schedule the time you spend together.

2. Look for FREE options.

Simply use Google to find free options for communication. You can choose between Skype, Viber, KakaoTalk(very popular in Asia), Yahoo Messenger(also popular in Asia) and so forth. As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from but you need to consider your Asian girlfriends accessibility to these services.

Most of the free options require a stable net connection and that may be an issue in some places in Asia.

3. Writing.

An obvious way to stay in touch in today’s world is of course using email. It may be that the girl does not want to give out her exact address just yet and then this option is bets. If she is comfortable sharing her address then another great option is using snail mail. It is a lot slower but much more romantic. You can write adorable post cards or cute little letters. You can even add pictures to your letters as a nice personal touch.

4. Talking.

If it happens that your Asian girlfriend doesn’t have a great internet connection then the you can give her a call. Calling overseas is somewhat expensive but here are a few suggestions:

Skype credits – Did you know there was such an option like buying credits and using them to call a cellphone from a certain country? The rates may be competitive so check this option out.
Viber credits – Viber is much like Skype. You can pick the option to “viber out” which means that you can use your viber credits to call a number.
MagicJack – This is a wonderful piece of software that helps people contact their overseas loved ones. The rates are affordable and the software ready to use. You can try this out as a 30-day risk free trial.

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There are more options out there so if you wish you can do more research to find the perfect option that fits your preferences and your budget. Don’t forget to take your Asian girlfriends point of view into account.
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