Chatting to Asian women online, there are tons of topics you can discuss. The obvious examples are asking them about their hobbies, what their everyday life is like, what do they love to do on the weekends and how much time do they spend with their families. These are all very safe topics. However, there are topics that you should refrain from because in their culture they’re considered to be incredibly rude and you shouldn’t bring them up.
This is the second post on this subject, check the site for the first post. Here are some more questions we consider No-Nos:

1. Asking them directly about their age.

This can be very individual. Some women don’t mind it while others do. Blatantly asking: “How old are you?” can seem unnecessarily aggressive. It may create the feeling that you are fishing for someone of a certain age and that is off putting. However, if you have a conversation first and ask polite questions leading up to this one then there should be no problem.

2. Asking directly about their marital or relationship status.

This automatically sounds like “How come you aren’t married yet” or “Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?”. In some of the Asian cultures and especially so in Japan and Korea women get married at a later age because they like to focus more on their careers. Note that the guys from these culture do the same thing, so it makes sense if women are single in their twenties.

3. Asking about their race or location.

These questions may seem harmless but they’re actually not. It’s not like asking an American which part of the country are they from. Asking about their location straight away may also be off putting. It is important to focus on the questions leading up to these points. Don’t make it sound like where they’re from or what race they are is hugely important.

4. Do you get it?

“Can you speak English?” can come across offensive. “Do you understand what I’m saying?” also falls under this category. While it’s true that a number of them haven’t had any chance to study English but don’t make an assumption that none of them have these language skills. Take this point seriously especially when talking to Chinese women. Note that there are more Chinese mandarin speakers in the world than those of English. Looking at the statistics she should be asking you if you speak her language.

5. Asking the “Ni Hao?” question

That is Chinese for “How are you?” or “How’s it going?”. Try to remember not all Asian women speak the Chinese language. Generalizing like this pushes the women away. Try to wait a bit before you wow the women with some phrases you have learned. You don’t want to mess up right out the gate.

Make an honest assessment.

It would be best if you’d give up on your overly confident, cocky way of talking to Asian women online. It may work with American girls but not over in Asia. Quit hitting on them all the time and mind your words. Take the more delicate approach and show you are respectful. If you get this right you should have no issues with finding an Asian girlfriend.