We’ve all had experiences where people ask us very uncomfortable questions and don’t see the downside of what they are doing. All your hints at how uneasy they make you feel go unnoticed. That can happen when two people from different cultures are conversing. This article is for guys that want to date Russian women and should therefore know what are the questions that Russian women get all the time and they have gotten really tired of hearing.

Russian women get hit on so much because there is this general understanding that these ladies are not only stunning in appearance but amazing at relationships. Passionate and loyal. You should be aware of how to approach them if you want to build a relationship with one of them.

To avoid making her uncomfortable we suggest you don’t come out with any of these questions:

1. What accent do you have? Russian women

Russians are incredibly proud people and expect people to recognize where they are from. It may seem unusual to the bystander but it makes perfect sense for them. It’s not like in the States where there are several accents depending on which part of the country you are from. They won’t be impressed if you try to guess. Just ask “where are you from?” right at the beginning.

2. Are you a Russian spy?

This is not a funny joke and will most likely blow your chances. Yes, there are tons of James Bond movies around that suggest that Russia is incredibly focused on sending their spies to every country but saying this to a Russian woman just isn’t smooth. Try to not get tacky.

3. Do you love vodka?

There is a general understanding that Russians drink a lot of alcohol and especially vodka. Some of this is absolutely true – you can find vodka on the birthday table, on a holiday dinner table, people drink it when they’re out with friends or when they invite someone over. Think about how tired she must be hearing every new guy she meets asking her this question. It’s better just to leave this one be.

4. Are you from St Petersburg or Moscow?

It may be that you’re trying to impress her by hinting that you know something about Russia’s geography. But hinting that there are only two major cities will not show you in a good light. Simply ask her which city she is from and if you know anything about it then it is appropriate to say it.

5. Is every Russian girl blonde?

There is this interesting misconception thanks to several very famous Russian women that most Russian women have blond hair. Naturally it is a generalization and simply untrue. You can find tons of gorgeous blonds and brunettes the same. Try to keep from asking these general questions.


When you’re trying to date Russian women it is best to keep from asking these questions. Try to be polite and original as well. It is important to be genuine. Come back soon for more Russian dating tips.