So you are interested in dating Ukrainian women, and you need to know how to better your chances with them. This article is made for you. Here are a couple of ways you can improve your chances with them:

1. Always dress to impress.

First impressions last. Physical appearance is the first thing people notice – whether they Ukrainian womenwant to admit it or not. To improve your chances with any Ukrainian women you need to pay extra careful attention to your looks. Women dress to the nines every time they go out. Even if it is just going to the supermarket. They will be sporting their best outfits. Since they do look that good, they are interested in dating guys who care about appearances.
Dress like you would for a business lunch meeting – that gives off an aura of masculinity, confidence and power.

2. Being romantic, confident and masculine.

Confidence is a very attractive quality. Even more, if it is coupled with chivalry and masculinity. By doing simple gestures like opening doors, helping her to her seat, offering your hand for her to step out of a vehicle. Also, it is never a bad idea to show up on your date with flowers or a box of chocolate. When you want to get her flowers, then get yourself up to date with what the local customs are. Some flowers or some number of flowers can mean bad luck to the locals.

3. Show interest in her.

It is understandable that you may want to impress her with everything you have accomplished in your life, but you should leave time for her to share something too. Ask her lots of questions about her life and her interests. Show genuine interest in who she is as a person. There are some topics you want to keep away from like money, politics and always – exes.

4. Making her laugh.

Wome love a guy that can make them laugh so if you are blessed with a great sense of humour – use it to the maximum. Trying too hard isn’t a good idea because it will come across as insincere. Just work in some jokes here and there.

5. Respect.

Respect is key in relationships with Ukrainian women. They may be unbelievably flirtatious but still view dating in the traditional sense. Don’t even try to get intimate on the first couple of dates. That will likely ruin everything.