Slavic women – women born in countries such as Bosnia, Serbia, Belarus, Poland, Croatia and Russia(to name a few). If you’re into the idea of dating Slavic women online you need to understand that due to the cultural differences between your countries you need to know what are the ways to approach and interact with them.

How to interact with these ladies online is a very broad topic but let’s just start with these 6 questions you should never ask them(because they can be seen as offensive):

1. You look so gorgeous. What’s the secret to your beauty? 

Sounds harmless, right? It sounds like a mediocre pick-up line in your country but keep in mind that the natural beauty of Slavic women is recognized all over the world. Basically you are asking her how much effort she put into looking the way she does. No woman wants to be asked this question. Feel free to tell her she is gorgeous and comment on her natural beauty. That will go over much better.

2. What were your past relationships like?

There are other versions of this question: “Why did your last relationship end?”, “What happened between you and your last boyfriend?” STOP! Nobody wants to discuss their past heartaches so don’t bring this up at all.

3. How many foreigners have you dated?

This sounds as if you’re suggesting she only dates foreign guys for some strange reason. You should always be a gentleman and treat her with respect even if you’re very curious about some parts of her life.

4. Asking about political views.

This is a very important point. It is very common for people from Slavic countries to have very strong opinions about their leaders. You may have opposing views and this issue may become a deal breaker. Slavic people won’t put up with their views being insulted.

5. What about the guys in your country?

Asking this question implies that you’re thinking she can’t find a guy from her own home and therefore she must surf the web to find a husband. It sounds like you’re doubting her intentions for going for online dating. How would you feel if someone asked you this question?

6. How come you don’t have a boyfriend yet?

Sounds like a harmless question again but you’re wrong. What you are saying with this question is that there is something wrong with her and that’s why she can’t hold a relationship down. That she may be too picky and not give good guys a chance. However she approaches her relationships is a private matter and you should always remain respectful.

Don’t even start!

Now that you are aware of some of the questions you shouldn’t ask, do more research online about how to approach Slavic women. There are more point out there but the best advice to follow may be what your mother taught you: be good mannered, be a gentleman and be respectful.
Come back soon for more online dating tips!

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