Meeting women in Kiev

So you are interested in meeting women in Kiev. What should you know about how to behave around women from the Ukrainian culture? This artile is full of helpful tips about meeting ladies in Kiev.

Let’s have a look:

1. Playing the “Lost Foreigner” Card

Meeting women in KievIn Kiev, by far the best way to spark a conversation with a woman of your interest is playing a lost foreigner. Just walk up to them, smile and ask for directions somewhere. If you want you can even take it a step further and say that you were just heading out to lunch and ask her to join you. If she says no then ask for her phone number.

2. Don’t Try to Show Off Your Financial Capabilities

You don’t want to come across as someone who believes that all Ukrainian women are looking for is a man who is rich. Plenty of guys travel to Kiev just to have some fun and try to use money to get ahead. Don’t be that guy. If you are successful with getting a date, it is okay for you to offer to pay since it is the gentlemanly thing to do. But don’t take them to expensie places right away.

3. Over Protection

Since the Ukrainian culture is still rather conservative, the men are very protective of women. So you can believe that there will be some eyes on you – be it some woman’s male friends or family members. Just show that you have good intentions and this will not be a problem.

4. Plan the Dates Ahead

It is the smartest way to go about things. You can meet women online on dating sites and have dates set up for when you have arrived. You could go to some local pubs and meet women but the first plan is still better – you will be meeting women you already know and like.


Meeting women in Kiev is definitely fun if you have a plan. Use the tips we provided and enjoy your dating life.