Have you ever visited Eastern Europe before? If so then you are aware of the amazing character the place has to offer. It has amazing historic architecture and very romantic atmosphere. It is the women that offer the most to the cities. The places are just full of attractive ladies. This article offers helpful tips about meeting women in Kiev.

1. The “Lost Foreigner” Trick

By far the best way to spark a conversation with a gorgeous woman in a foreign country is playing a lost foreigner. Simply walk up, smile and ask for directions. A good idea would be to say that you are heading out for lunch and ask for the woman to join you. If she declines you can ask to meet another day and just keep the conversation going.

2. Don’t Flash Your Wallet

women in KievDon’t buy into the stereotype that all the single women in Ukraine are looking for wealthy guys. Lots of men head to Kiev just to have some fun with the ladies and use money to try to get ahead. Don’t play that card – it will push the women away. If you get a date it is okay for you to offer to pay. That is the gentlemanly thing to do. Don’t take the women to expensive places because it leaves the same bad impression.

3. Expect the Over Protection

Ukrainian society is still very traditional and the men are very protective of the women. That means in the friendship circle and of course in the family. Makes sense, doesn’t it? As we mentioned before – foreigners have a reputation in Ukraine so be prepared to have to prove some people wrong.

4. Plan the Dates Before You Head to Kiev

This is the smarter way to go. Meet women on online dating sites and set up dates for when you have arrived. Going with plan be – going to random pubs and meeting ladies may work okay. But using plan A is better because you can meet up with women you already know and like. It also cancels out the issues of coming across women who have boyfriends, who aren’t looking for a date and so on.

5. Always Trust Your Gut

Last but not least – don’t go against your gut feelings. Don’t focus on potential problems such as language barriers or cultural barriers. Remember that body language is universal. Trust your instincts and you will do fine dating women in Kiev.