Eastern European women are notoriously complex creatures. Knowing what their turn offs are is an integral part of securing that first, second and third date. Anastasiadate.com have surveyed a wide range of Russian and Ukrainian ladies to see what the most common faux pas are so we can give you the heads up on how to avoid them.

Anastasia DateBad Manners

Class and polite compliments will ensure an excellent first impression and will set the tone of the whole interaction. Steer clear of using pet names such as ‘babe’. Be sure that any comments you pass on her appearance are respectful and in good taste. Be sure to say please and thank you and be chivalrous at every opportunity. Open doors for her, hold her coat while she puts it on and always ensures she has your full, unwavering attention.


Eastern European women are notoriously cool in their demeanour. That does not mean that you should be the same. Warmth,friendliness and an empathic approach to conversation and interaction will go a long way in helping to melt that famously icy exterior.

Bedroom Talk

With women like this, a lewd and suggestive conversation should be kept in the bedroom. By all means, flirt with her. However, if you speak your mind when it comes to your between-the-sheets intentions, she will assume you are only interested in one thing and will run a mile. The same goes for exchanging photographs -unless you are specifically asked, keep your DIY male underwear modelling shots to yourself. There is no bigger turnoff than unsolicited soft-porn selfies.

An Unkempt Appearance

As you well know, Eastern European women are always impeccably well dressed, and the same goes for their expectations in a romantic partner. Ditch the stubble, the casual slacks and the unironed shirt. Instead, go for a smart/casual but impeccably polished look that will ensure a great first impression. Looks aren’t everything, but showing the woman, you have made an effort will work wonders.

Arrogant behaviour

By all means talk about your work, your successes and your ambitions for the future, but remember that modesty is key. Of course, you want her to know that you are mature, settled and successful in your life. However, boasting about achievements can be interpreted as false and dishonest. By all means, talk about yourself but be sure to ask her plenty of questions as well, remember a conversation works both ways and getting her to open up about herself will help her trust you.

Of course, many other things that can instantly turn off your potential partner, but luckily AnastasiaDate is here to guide you through the hits and misses of dating Russian and Ukrainian women.