datingAt AnastasiaDate we are experts in the tips and tricks you need to know to match with the girl of your dreams. We aim to offer you as much tried and tèsted advice as possible so you can ensure you are the top of your game at all times. Today’s focus is on the key bits of information you need to know when dating younger women. Generational gaps and differences in age of only a few years can present a range of prop lens due to differences in upbringing, attitude to life and ambitions for the future so let’s find out what the most common scenarios are, and how to work around them.

Be Honest About Your Past

There is no need to go into the gory details of your previous conquests, but you do need, to be honest about things like marriages, divorces, and any children that you might have fathered. You should also open up about any skeletons in your closet; you never know when these things can come back to haunt you, and it is better, to be honest from the get-go than have to grovel when certain things inevitably come to light.

Don’t Assume You Know Best

Just because you are older, it does not necessarily mean that you are wiser. Yes, you have spent longer in the school of life, but you should never discredit someone else’s opinions, beliefs or attitudes purely because you are greater in age. If you think she is naive, it is best to keep any reference to age out of the conversation as you will risk sounding patronizing, condescending and rude. There is no bigger turn off for a woman than having a man treat her like a kid so make sure you tread very carefully.

Learn to Compromise

Depending on the size of the age gap between you and your love interest, you may find it challenging to plan dates that you will both enjoy. She may want to go to cool bars and parties, while you would rather take a walk in the park or go for a romantic dinner. The key to solving this issue is a compromise. Neither of you has to give up on your idea of a perfect date, but instead you agree to meet in the middle. Why not go to an art gallery and THEN go out to a trendy bar? Or suggest she chooses somewhere cool and upbeat for dinner instead of your favorite, quiet little Italian. By experiencing the best of both worlds, it opens you both up to new experiences, and you might find that you quite like it!

Dating a younger woman is exhilarating, fun and a whirlwind of experiences, and at Anastasia Date, we suggest that everyone tries it, at least once!