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Let’s assume that the readers of this article have gotten themselves an Asian girlfriend. Among all other things that you can do together, by far the most important thing is communication. Because you can’t be always be physically present in each other’s lives you must focus on maintaining the relationship via communication. Here are 4 of the best ways you can do that with your Asian girlfriend: 

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5 Questions Not to Ask Asian Women Online


Chatting to Asian women online, there are tons of topics you can discuss. The obvious examples are asking them about their hobbies, what their everyday life is like, what do they love to do on the weekends and how much time do they spend with their families. These are all very safe topics. However, there are topics that you should refrain from because in their culture they’re considered to be incredibly rude and you shouldn’t bring them up.

This is the second post on this subject, check the site for the first post. Here are some more questions we consider No-Nos:

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Dating Foreign Women-What You Should Know

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From the beautiful picture and scenes that you see on televisions every day, to real stories of people from different countries who met, dated and found love, dating a foreign woman   sounds like a very interesting and intriguing idea. Maybe you are looking for real love from another part of the world or maybe you are simply experimenting too find out what the experience is really like but, either way, dating foreign women is something that every man with enough spirit should definitely try out at least once in a life time.