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5 Questions Not to Ask Asian Women Online


Chatting to Asian women online, there are tons of topics you can discuss. The obvious examples are asking them about their hobbies, what their everyday life is like, what do they love to do on the weekends and how much time do they spend with their families. These are all very safe topics. However, there are topics that you should refrain from because in their culture they’re considered to be incredibly rude and you shouldn’t bring them up.

This is the second post on this subject, check the site for the first post. Here are some more questions we consider No-Nos:

Online Dating Tips

Finding Love with AsianDate’s Mobile App


AsianDate’s mobile app (available for download on Google Play) makes your online dating experience even more comfortable. You can now access features like emailing, video chatting and real-time text chatting through your phone. All it takes is swiping your finger on your mobile phone’s screen for late-night heart to hearts, romantic emails and afternoon conversations.

You will have instant and free access to thousands of profiles of attractive Asian women. You can browse through their profile, photos and read the interviews to get an understanding of what they’re really like. Even if many profiles catch your attention, you are able to maintain your connection with each of these women through your contact list.

Online Dating Tips

Dating Foreign Women-How To Set Up A Winning Profile

dating foreign women

When thinking of dating foreign women, the first place you are most likely to make a stop and set up camp will probably be at an online dating site. This is a smart move considering the fact that there are literally millions of foreign women flocking to such sites in an effort to find love. You would think that with such a large number of foreign women looking for people to love them, finding one should be an obvious and simple affair once you sign up at the right online dating site. But do a quick survey or ask anyone who works directly within this industry and you will soon find out that as many as half the men who try dating foreign women at such dating sites more often than not end up without finding one while others seem to have countless dates. It may not necessarily because you are less successful or less attractive than the people that make it on the online foreign dating scene– no, all of it may boil down to the simple matter of how you set up your profile on the site.