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There are all kinds of different services in Russia designed to help single men and women find love. No matter whether you’re into Christian dating or dating Russian singles, there’s no doubt you will find the service that you prefer. The dating services industry is expanding fast, as more guys than ever are looking for companions abroad. The agencies have developed a new service called Russian Romance Tours – an occasion for likely couples to meet and get to know each other better. In case you haven’t been in the dating world for too long, you could think that this is not really possible. Travelling hundreds of kilometres to Russia, taking tours, seeing the sights, and meeting women simultaneously may seem a tad silly for some. Doesn’t it sound like too much trouble too and also much more expensive than normal online Christian dating? Although this is true, hundreds of men are prepared to spend the extra cash to get the dating experience of their life and meet a good girl.

Normally, the price of the tour covers everything: your accommodation and transfers to and from the airport, services of experienced translators and social activities with the ladies. Agencies do their best to provide you with everything you need, so you could focus on meeting and dating foreign ladies. There’s no one general rate for a dating tour as this is different for each company. The activities and the length of the tour depend on the company you have chosen too. It is safe to say that the price can range anywhere from one to six thousand dollars. There are, naturally, discount rates available, like the early bird payment. The length of each tour differs too, but to offer you the maximum and allow you to take your time, the usual duration of the tour is approximately fourteen days. Apart from the inclusions mentioned above (activities and accommodation, etc.), the prices might also include special offers like credits or membership deals for the agency’s website or service. They might even help you with the processing of a spouse visa (if you get lucky).

One of the most visited countries among tourists is Russia. It is known for the historical sights and beautiful scenery. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the cities you can expect to visit when you sign up for a tour. These  towns have been chosen because of their scenery, party places and, needless to say, the number of gorgeous local girls in the area.

Selecting a dating package is no different from picking your vacation deal. Consider the following things before you make your final choice:

-Which tour package is within my budget?

-Which package offers the best experience without the headache?

-Which tour operator can I trust the most?

When choosing a tour package, think of what you’re hoping to get out of this experience. Are you just into Christian dating or after some fun and excitement? Ask about everything that interests you – the food that will get served, the type of your accommodation, what are the activities about, etc. Other than meeting the woman you have always dreamed about, you’ll also want to enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Alex Vidal

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