Those familiar with the online dating scene have probably noticed that Christian dating sites have become rather prominent lately. These sites give Christian singles dating online d the opportunity to try online dating and find a partner who shares their beliefs and values.

Almost everybody will most likely agree to a saying that online dating has become more and more accepted by the society. It may not be accepted as “the norm” yet since the traditional “girl meets boy and they go on a date” scenario is still widely used. Nonetheless, with so many people engaging in it, the big picture is whether the church is open to the thought of Christian singles finding partners online. Let’s take a look at this topic closer and let’s base it on a couple of things: 1. The Bible’s point of view regarding love and dating and 2. A Christian’s thought on it.

Christian Singles

The Bible’s Interpretation of Love  

There is an old traditional Christian understanding that things happen when it’s the right time and it’s the same when it comes to dating. It’s the way these people were raised by their parents and it’s what was said to them by their priest when they were young. In truth, there are some verses from the Bible which relate to this. These can be found in different words but this doesn’t change the meaning of it. There is one line which describes this perfectly. It sounds like this: “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not excite or awaken love till it so desires.” Now, if you look at online dating again, isn’t it finding love in your own way? Aren’t you awakening love?

This verse is signifying that when the time is right for love, it will come and everybody should be prepared for when that time comes. It’s not possible to know exactly when that happens, but there’s no need to worry, it will happen.

The Perspective of Christian Singles

since the beginning of time, the Bible has been black and white concerning some things but for those that avidly read it, it can not be denied that there are a few areas that are not that clear at all. In truth, this concerns more than the topic of dating and/or love. Other not-so-clear topics include drinking alcohol, partying and a whole lot more. Let’s take a look at 1 verse from Corinthians 10:23 which states that everybody has the right to do what they wish but not everything is good for them. The way most Christians understand this is that the Lord only concentrates on what our intentions are. Due to this, the act of joining an online dating site can be neutral, depending on what your intentions are. If you’re pretending to be a Christian just because you want to find someone who won’t cheat on you, then that’s not appropriate, but if your intentions are to register and find true love then that should be alright, right?

Alex Vidal