Eastern European womenThere are many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding women from Eastern Europe, particularly Russia and Ukraine. We firmly believe that you should never generalise or pigeonhole anyone especially when it comes to their race, their heritage or the country that they come from.

Eastern European Women At the Center

That is particularly the case with Eastern European women. They are often called cold, blunt or it is implied that they are only after a visa for a European country. Nothing could be further from the truth. While you got a few bad eggs in any culture, it is important to realise that a lot of the assumptions come from a place of ignorance and lack of knowledge. We have already explained that their icy exterior is just their way of differentiation between strangers and people that they know, so let us continue and bust another myth.

Educated, Self-Sufficient People

If you announced to your friends that you have a new Russian girlfriend, I am sure you would have a positive reaction. I am also sure that there may be a few snide remarks about her. That she is only wanting you for a visa or using you for some other imagined social or economic benefit. That is a common misconception and what most people don’t realise is that most of these women are completely self-sufficient, highly educated and independent, and they have no interest in becoming someone’s pet or living off a man. The reason so many of these women look for foreign partners is due to a huge deficit in the male to female ratio.

Reasons For Searching For Love Abroad

Many of these countries have suffered decades of war, and latest estimates state that there are six women for every one man. Couple this with significant social problems such as organised crime and high rates of alcohol dependency. You can appreciate that there is even less choice for these women. That is why they look further afield when it comes to finding love. So the lesson here is to ignore the small minded comments made by other peoples the chances are they are just jealous. By all means, have your guard up at first as you would with anyone. Especially people you meet online. But please just relax and enjoy your fledgeling relationship. She is interested in you for you, not for some made up, stereotypical reason born out of ignorance and jealousy.

Eastern European women make wonderful, loyal and trusted companions. Do not listen to others when it comes to wondering what their motives are, trust your heart and follow your instinct.