interracial relationshipsMany individuals go into interracial relationships with the best of intentions, but it is easy to make innocent mistakes that can cause friction, embarrassment, and frustration. We have compiled a list of a few of the most common mistakes that are made, and how you can avoid them.

Showing Frustration

When embarking on a relationship with a lady that does not share e first same language with you, it can be difficult to remain patient at all times, particularly when it comes to communicating important things such as feelings and emotions. Having to constantly explain yourself and resort to google translate can put a downer on the spontaneity or romance of the situation, but it is important to be calm and patient in situations like this. Chances are, you are not fluent in her language either so the onus is on both of you to make an effort to improve communication. Be assured she is trying her best to learn, and I guarantee it is just as frustrating for her as it is for you.

Not Being Accepting

When presented with a different culture complete with a new set of religious, social or spiritual beliefs, it can be quite difficult to get your head around at first, but you must persist. Just because it is new, different and may even seem strange, doesn’t mean you should disregard it. Be respectful at all times, seek to understand more and be tolerant of her beliefs and traditions. Dismissing what she believes in will only cause tension between you both and can be the source of many arguments. Learn to embrace what makes her, her, even if you don’t agree personally with it. Be sure to teach her about your background as well, explain your beliefs and customs. You will see that you both gain a new and deeper understanding of each other that will only strengthen the foundations of the relationship.

Listening to Other People

Remember that it is only the two of you in this relationship. While others may have what they think are your best interests at heart, their opinions can often be ignorant and ill -informed. No one else can see what you see in each other so do not let the assumptions of others affect how you behave towards your partner.