Imagine an attractive, headstrong woman walking towards you purposefully. You don’t know the purpose definitely but you can only think of one thing when she is walking in “that” way! Well, I’m talking to the men here; women would not think of her the way men would feel.

Comparison of Russian Women and Ukraine Women

Okay, back to that gorgeous lady in red!  She is looking into your eyes, and then she sits down beside you. She listens to you attentively trying to decrease the emotional space between you and her. Natural flirtatious gestures, a disarming smile and that soft but warm look hold you captivated now. It’s your Ukrainian woman!

After a little chit chat you realize she would be willing to sacrifice her independence to family and children and would give you top priority always. She is interested in what you do and your business and asks questions too, but not at the point of irritating you. She is concerned, definitely, but not inquisitive enough to make you run away from her. All these things make you believe that she agrees to what he does for a living and this wins his confidence too.

Ukrainian women are beautiful, no doubt. Anybody can find that “Hollywood” beauty when they enter Ukraine. Women here are broadminded and tolerant and they don’t fuss about every other thing. They can be good as wives though. They wouldn’t feel angry at having to press clothes or do the laundry, wash dishes or clean the house. They consider it their work and would do anything to make their men feel special and loved. They make you feel comfortable anytime, anywhere! That’s the way they are!

Hmmm…Do I smell something burning? Don’t feel jealous Russian beauties! You are stunning too! Russia had become a destination for wife-finders since 90s. Russian women are better to marry. The fact that men especially come to Russia to find a wife is proof that Russian women are the marriage material, most definitely.

A Russian woman wouldn’t even mind if she has to work somewhere too, to make both ends meet. She would raise children with her husband and make a career as well. She isn’t that into make-up and dressing up because as they say “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and she trusts her man completely to doubt if he finds her beautiful or not. Russian women want believable, logical solutions to problems. They wouldn’t just ignore or accept anything that you have said. They will make sure they get a proper answer and then wouldn’t disturb you. They can sense from your actions and expressions what you want or how you are feeling at a particular time.

Some might disagree on this version of the differences between both women but in both cases it really depends on the man if he wants the dating type or the marriage type!