The old adage “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, cannot be truer than in the world of online dating.

A written profile on an online dating site can either attract or repel someone from the opposite sex in a couple of sentences. An online dating profile is the first introduction to potential love interests. It has replaced the first glimpse from a crowded room and the first spoken words. It is important to take some time when writing online dating profile to ensure who you are and what you are looking for. It must be articulated in a clear, honest and meaningful manner.

A Woman’s Perception

While online dating is becoming more and more common, many women are still very leery when it comes to meeting a man online. That person on the other end of a computer screen is, after all, a stranger.  There is no real guarantee that the picture and information provided on online dating profile is real.

Online Dating Profile Can Easily Be Misinterpreted

Many men put profiles online and then wonder why they do not have any success in meeting women. But without careful consideration and time spent creating a sincere profile, the information written on the dating site can actually have the opposite effect of what a man is trying to achieve.  Without facial expressions, or voice tone, it is far too easy to misinterpret words written on a computer screen. For this reason, jokes should be minimized on your profile. What may sound humorous and charming to a man can sound creepy and frightening to a woman.

Developing a Good Profile

Spelling errors, incomplete sentences and grammatical errors can make a person appear uneducated. Women like men who can demonstrate that they are capable of having meaningful conversations. It is important to proofread any profile before making it public.

Writing a good online dating profile takes time. Before even putting anything online, a man should take some time to think about exactly what he wants and is looking for. It is more often easier to say what we want than it is to write it down. However writing, reviewing and then proofreading a profile before putting it online will have a much greater impact when it is finally posted on the dating site. A man should also avoid bragging about his physical attributes. This can easily be misinterpreted as egotistical and “full of himself”.

A Picture is Equally Important

Once the online dating profile is written, a nice, clear picture should be posted on the site as well. Whether taken by you or by someone else, the picture should be clear, focused and should show a clean, smiling, nicely dressed person.