Let’s assume that you have been dating a wonderful Russian woman for several months. You have begun feeling like it is time to move the relationship to a new level. However, despite your many efforts, you are not getting there. That has lead you to worry what could be the problem. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at why it may be that you can’t get her to be your girlfriend.

1. Russian women aren’t into shy guys.

Russian womanThat is a bit of a generalization, but one is hard pressed with finding a Russian woman who likes shy guys. Instead, they expect self-confidence. You can’t be too shy to ask her out, to show what you want out of the relationship. Russian women often get asked out, and if you aren’t persistent, someone else may come along that is. The key here is to be aggressive but not overbearing. Be more decisive and persuasive.

2. Mature guys.

If you want to get anywhere with dating a Russian woman you need to be serious about the relationship. If you are out there simply looking to have fun, then you may want to look elsewhere. These ladies are much more interested in guys who have their priorities straight, who have a stable life and who are looking to settle down. Be honest with her about what your objective is. If it is just having fun, then let her know.

3. Russian women don’t like self-centered guys.

It can happen to everyone – we get so attracted to someone that we want to make ourselves look good. We may do that through talking about every little achievement we have accomplished in our lives. And by doing that, we forget all about the other person. No one likes a self-centered person. Not for a conversation and surely not for a relationship. Put the focus on your date. Ask her about her hobbies, her work, her interests.

Getting more serious

Try out the tips offered in this article and you should see success in no time. Get rid of that shy side if you tend to be shy. Show that you are mature enough for a serious relationship and put more effort into getting to know your date. Do all that and any Russian woman would be lucky to have you.