Dating a guy who is being disrespectful towards their country, traditions or culture is what Ukrainian singles have no tolerance for. You may be only joking, but European women take their nationality very seriously. Therefore, it’s necessary to act like a true gentleman at all times. Here is a little list of things that could help you avoid offending your gorgeous Ukrainian date.

1. Never Make Fun of Her English Skills

If you want to be successful in international dating, you must not make fun of your partner when she makes a mistake or says something wrong. Even if you’re only teasing, it could sound rude to your date and you could end up hurting her feelings. If you’ve never had to learn another language yourself, you’re in no position to criticise someone who is genuinely trying. It’s not easy to learn a foreign language and being teased by a native speaker will not help the process. Instead, be patient when she speaks and try to understand what she’s trying to say. Explain her mistakes to her tactfully and encourage her to speak more.

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2. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

If you’re familiar with the international dating scene, you might have heard the ridiculous and unfair stereotypes about dating Ukrainian singles. If you truly want to impress your partner, you should never ever take these myths seriously. Confidently making statements like all Ukraine women want to find a foreign husband because they want to get a visa for the United States or all of them are communists will only make you sound foolish. You shouldn’t make any generalisations based on someone’s nationality. Always treat all women like they have different needs and wishes.

If you want to show off your intelligence, take time to learn some facts about your sweetheart’s country of origin. Have a look at the map and familiarise yourself with the most important events that changed the history of her country. Being able to speak some Ukrainian can be beneficial as well. She will be impressed that you’re making an effort to get to know her better. Moreover, a little extra knowledge has never hurt anybody.

3. Be Respectful – All the Time

A real man will never enjoy making fun of someone’s culture or traditions. Even though some Ukrainian singles may even agree with you or find your jokes amusing, they might not be so happy about hearing critique about their beloved country from a foreigner. Show respect all the time and refrain from saying anything about sensitive matters, at least not until you are sure that she won’t take offence. Even then, be very careful with how you bring up this topic. The last thing you want to do is make your partner feel like her country is not good enough for you or your nationality is somehow superior to hers.

Alex Vidal