Many people assume that dating in Christianity is a pretty boring factor. However, they don’t know the fact that Christianity allows to enjoy dating but at the same time, it is advisable for every individual regardless of the gender to keep himself/herself away from the sexual intercourse. It is advised to keep your soul pure before the marriage. There are different stages of Christian dating and one can really enjoy the essence of dating if he or she may follow these steps:

Fantasy Stage – The Stage of Attraction

This is the very first stage where Christian singles are attracted to each other. You will never like to marry any person unless you are not attracted to him/her. So this is all about attraction between the male and female. There may be many reasons for the attraction between male and female but the most important ones are personality and apparent look.

This is the stage of Christian dating where you are fallen in love. The phrase “I love you”, is repeated over and over at this stage. This is the stage of love when you observe everything very positively that belongs to your mate.

Affirming Stage – The Stage of Sustaining Your Relationship

You have been seeing each other for a while and now you are moving further to nurture this relationship and come closer to each other. This is the stage of Christian dating where you introduce each other to your family members and friends. This is how your relationships of family members and friends can strengthen the relation between you and your date.

Engagement – The Most Sensitive Stage

This is one of the most sensitive stages of Christian dating. For the true Christians, it is advisable not to prolong this stage at all. This stage must not be longer than 2-3 months.

Before you are engaged, both of you must be aware of the best and the worst of each other. You are engaged when you are sure that you are going to marry each other anyway. Don’t prolong once you are engaged because both of you might get involved into premarital sex and this is not tolerated among the real followers of Christianity.

Marriage – The Stage with No Restrictions at All

The blessings of God come to the married couple. Once both of you are married you don’t have to bother about any restrictions. This is one of the amazing phases that you avail in the result of Christian dating. A pastor or priest will join both of you and allow you to develop an everlasting bond.

True Christians are more likely to follow the rules of Christian dating. They trust in God and seek the guidance to keep themselves pure.