There’s always pressure involved with the first date. Especially if they are with hot Russian or Ukrainian women. It is thought that the first date can foretell the future of the potential relationship. Knowing this can make it even harder to go on a first date with someone and even more so if they are from a completely different culture. That can make things complicated since you, as the guy in the relationship are expected to know how to behave and impress the women. russian or ukrainian women

That is precisely why it’s important to know these following facts when dating Russian or Ukrainian women

Quit Being Cocky

The cocky act doesn’t work with women from these parts of the world. There is no need to act out as it will not impress anyone. You are expected to be much more authentic. Be exactly who you are. Show how you’re charismatic, strong, polite and decisive. Add a little sense of humour and they will definitely want a second date.

Small Gifts are Expected

After realizing there is no need to act tough you should know that ladies from these cultures expect a tiny gift on the first date. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive. A simple bouquet or a box of chocolate will do perfectly. It’s a lovely little touch and will definitely be appreciated.

Keep it Casual

Now that you know how to behave and what to bring the next step is picking the place where to take her.
It is important to make the women feel comfortable so you can take them to somewhere very casual like a coffee shop or a doughnut shop, a nice restaurant or take her to the park for a picnic. The last one is a very cute idea for a first date and you can bet she will be impressed.


These parts of the world are still kind of stuck in old stereotypes so you should know that you are expected to pay on most dates if not all of them. It’s a gentlemanly thing to do.

There Are Red Flags

It can happen that you’ve ended up going on a first date with a gold digger. You can tell that if she’s unhappy with going to a modest place or is not impressed with a box of chocolates. She may have been feeling for your financial capabilities. When you encounter someone like that then keep from trying to impress her with money and just leave the situation be.

These are only a few tips for dating Russian or Ukrainian women and you can do more research on your own. Good luck!