partnerDating someone from a different culture is an exciting experience full of adventure, intrigue, and new things, but not speaking the same language can present a few difficulties. Here we explore what some of those difficulties in these relationships might be and how you can approach them.

Talks About Emotions

Talking about feelings can be tough when you both speak the same language, but having to phrase these thoughts in a way that your partner will understand as well as explaining new words to them can be awkward and time-consuming. The benefit is that as you will have to go to more effort to explain exactly how you feel, you may come to understand each other better in the long run. Simplifying the language will get rid of cliches, and any exaggerated phrases and will ensure that you get to the bare bones of how you feel about each other.

Getting Past Arguments

Arguments are going to become ten times more difficult and a million times more frustrating when you cannot completely understand each other. You will find that in the heat of the moment, meanings of words get confused, and one of you may find yourself saying completely the wrong thing, believing it means something else which can cause tempers to fly in a split second and situations to deteriorate quicker than usual. The key here is to try and stay calm, speak slowly and clearly and try not to loose your cool.

Meeting Friends and Family

The prospect of meeting her friends and family will become a lot more daunting. Meeting your new girlfriends nearest and dearest is enough to strike fear into the heart of any man, but with the addition of a language barrier it can be even more nerve-wracking. Even if you have some knowledge of her language, the speed at which they talk and the colloquialisms they will throw in are enough to leave your head spinning. We advise at times like this, you listen and pay attention. Even if you have no idea what is going on, burying yourself in your phone or gazing off into the distance, does not make a good impression.

Tune in, watch their body language and try to guess what is being said- you will be surprised at how quickly you will pick up on things and they will be impressed that you engaged yourself in their presence.