By far the best thing about how far technology has come is that it let’s us get connected very easily. In modern dating two people could be on different continents and it wouldn’t make a difference. AsianDate has realized this and decided to provide their clients with the newest and best way to keep in touch with gorgeous women from Asia. modern dating

The time of snail mail is up because you can get connected to your favourite person via Live Chat whenever you want. You can also use the AsianDate’s CamShare feature instead of simply talking on the phone for hours without seeing each other.

There are a number of advantages to the two feature:

AsianDate Live Chat Feature

*You can send and receive messages in real time and so will your Asian partner. There is no lag time with waiting for messages since they appear on your screen instantly.
*The Live Chat also has a video feature but the size of the video is quite small and quality is only okay. AsianDate is working on it.
You can also video one way if you aren’t interested in video chatting with both of you visible.
*You can send out virtual gifts and play games. AsianDate wants you to have as full of an experience as possible so they create fun little features that allow you to be connected in several ways.

AsianDate CamShare Feature

*CamShare lets you chat with your partner. The messages are sent and received in real time, a lot like with the Live Chat feature that we talked about earlier.
*The difference with Live Chat is that is has much better quality. The video is bigger and the direction a lot better. This makes your experience much better as you will be able to see more of each other.
*There is another similarity here – you can play games, send gifts and access the service whenever you need to.

Some Suggestions

There are several ways to spice up a long distance relationship via video features:

1. Have a video date. You can set up dinner or lunch in front of the camera and pretend you’re in a restaurant.
2. Having a hard time coming up with something to say? Break the ice with gifts or the game feature.

Visit to learn more about the features and access their mobile dating app. Lots of people report having much better online dating experiences with gorgeous women from Asia because of these features.