Because you are reading this article we assume that you have decided to begin dating Ukrainian women and things haven’t gone as smoothly as you expected. What could you do about it? This article offers 5 tips for making yourself more attractive to Ukrainian women. Follow these tips, add some homework and you will see a change soon.

1. Dress well.

Ukrainian womenUkrainian women love to pay attention to how they look and they would want a guy friend who feels the same way. Get yourself some nice clothes and have someone take pictures of you. Add those to your dating profile. While on the topic of photos – it isn’t a bad idea to add pictures where you are engaged in a hobby. Studies show that those attract more attention from potential partners.

2. Confidence.

It is important to excude confidence in almost every situation in life. Finding a girl to date is no different here. Talk about subjects you feel confident in, don’t try to impress her too hard. Brush up on your knowledge about the Ukrainian culture so you can talk about things that interest her.

3. Don’t flaunt money.

Ukrainian women got a bad wrap with the whole mail-order-bride thing so you don’t want to impress the ladies with your money. When you ask them out, bringing flowers and taking her to a decent restaurant is great. Taking them to expensive restaurants and buying expensive gifts, isn’t.

4. No rushing.

Plenty of guys are interested in dating Ukrainian or Russian women just for the short term thrill of it. If you happen to be one of those guys then be upfront about it and have fun. If you are like most online daters and are looking for something serious then don’t rush. Let things take their natural course.


Remember these tips about how to be more attractive to Ukrainian women and you will do great. Enjoy your time dating and come back for more Ukrainian dating articles.