russian singlesMore than half the total number of men who embrace international dating usually choose to go for Russian singles. This may easily paint the picture or create the impression that the ladies from Russia are an easy target and getting them is not as difficult as it is to get other women from other countries. But, the fact that less than the total number of men who approach the Russian singles end up being successful suggests that there is more to dating the singles from Russia than most people are aware.

Even before you get down to actual dating, your encounter with a Russian lady will have to begin with an online chat. This stage is very important and should be taken as more of an interview than anything else and also approached with the same level of preparation. Remember that first impressions count for everything and a wrong first impression will be very hard to erase down the line in case you ever get the chance to do so. In fact in most cases, you will never get the chance to repair the damage that was caused as a result of a bad impression made the first time.

So how do you impress Russian singles?

Learning how to impress Russian singles when chatting with them in online dating sites starts with trying to understand the kind of people that they are and what values or qualities they treasure the most. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when chatting with ladies from Russia is that of thinking that the ladies are desperate for marriage. Such men believe that these ladies just want to escape the harsh conditions in their home countries by getting hooked to a western man. With such thinking, it is easy to approach the women thinking you are a savior and someone who cannot be turned away. However, the actual truth of the matter is that most of the Russian singles you find on online dating sites are not nearly half as desperate for marriage as they may be made out to look. They are simply there to find love and not to be rescued from their homes. Approaching the women with that ‘savior’ mentality is one of the fastest ways to get rejected even before the chat has progressed anywhere.

In approaching the women, it is important to try as much as possible to show genuine concern and interest in knowing them as people. More often than not, the Russian singles will reward this with gestures of the same nature and you stand a higher chance of success when you do so.