Everyone with any experience in online dating can tell you that there are some types you just do not want to waste time on. It is wise to take advice from people who have gone before us, and this article focuses just on that. How to recognize the women you should steer clear from? How to tell if someone is taking advantage of you? Let’s take a look.

1. The Party Girl

online datingThere are plenty of women you can find in online dating who are only looking for something casual. The thing with these girls is is that they are looking for someone who can sponsor their fun time. They are typically younger, aren’t interested in a serious relationship and will break up with you as soon as something better comes along. If you are into a little fling, which most people in online dating aren’t, then go for it but beware.

2. The Dependent Woman

Talking to others online is always easier than doing it offline, and that has brought up an interesting issue of some folks using online dating as therapy. The dependent type isn’t too hard to spot – they are always asking you for advice, always complaining and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it. The severity of this may vary depending on which culture the woman is from – in some parts of the world women are more independent than in others.

3. The Classic – Gold Digger

It is nearly impossible not to spot a gold digger in an online setting because, of course, sooner or later they will be seeking financial help from you. There are plenty of stories these folks have about why they need it – rent is due, and they will get kicked out, their grandmother is in the hospital, etc. Naturally, you should never wire any money to someone you have only met online.

In an offline setting, the lines may get a bit blurry. For example, in the Russian culture, it ‘s okay to give and receive presents on almost any occasion. The ladies you take out will expect flowers or chocolate on the first date and that is entirely innocent since it is customary. If the woman isn’t happy with what you get her – then you may be dealing with a gold digger.


It is important to know how to protect both your finances and emotions when online dating. There are plenty of people out there who are interested in going after both. Make sure you are careful and good luck with your dating.