Having a pretty girlfriend is everyone’s dream. If you say no, you are probably lying. I know you want one. According a recent survey, it has been revealed that Polish women are the prettiest women in the whole world. They are attractive as well as own striking bodies. So what is better than dating Polish women? But, how??… That is a question. The passage bellow comes up with providing you with the tips to get a Polish girlfriend:

Hold the Door

Yes, this impresses women. This is however a universal formula. You can use this trick to impress absolutely anyone. Nevertheless, it applies to Polish girls the most. As we now that Polish girls are, the most sophisticated ones. In order to win them over, you need to look like a gentleman as well as act like one.

Buy Her Flowers

We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But do you what is the way to a woman’s heart? Surely not. It is easy. The way to a woman’s heart is a beautiful bouquet of floors. Trust me. This trick will take you places. A woman gets impressed with a man who makes sure she receives his flowers from time to time.

Paying the Bill

Acting like a gentleman, trying to date a Polish girl and win her heart comes with a cost. Very high cost sometimes! If you want a girl to get really impressed by you, pay the bill. Though girls like to independent in today’s world but a part of their hearts still wants the companion to pay for it. This is a good start and trust me, you can make till the end!

Don’t Brag

Bragging is undoubtedly the biggest turn off for a woman. No woman likes men who are full of themselves. Even if you own, talking about your cars or the number of flats is not necessary. Just be yourself. Bring out that inner confidence in you and plan every date with full confidence. Talk about casual things to make her get comfy with you.


Respect is something that every woman in this world wants. Polish women specifically like those men that know how to respect their counterparts. Do not make fun of her in front of her friends and folks. Instead, talk to her with respect and appreciate everything. Every little thing. Do not respect just her but also give value to her friends and family and speak respectfully to or about them.

Greet Her in a Polish Way

If you are going to date a Polish girl for the first time, make sure that you greet her in the right way. The best way to greet a Polish woman is through bending down and plating a gentle kiss on her hand. Remember to be a gentlemen while doing that. This will surely impress her. If you are not comfortable with that then just say hi or give a light hug. Choose whatever you want but always be yourself!