For a successful dating experience you should follow some instructions. Online dating is easiest task if you do it the right way. Don’t give up after getting any bad experience.

Have a look on this list of ‘dos and don’ts of online dating’:



Things to Do

  1. Look for a renowned dating website with serious people looking for a date.
  2. Make your profile interesting and discuss your hobbies and job.
  3. Decorate your profile with your recent and attractive pictures. It will give a good impact to your profile.
  4. Perform a keyword based search according to your demands.
  5. Contact the person you like. Try multiple people if one option doesn’t work.
  6. Be selective in picking up the right words to express your feelings for someone.
  7. Praise them and discuss their hobbies rather than talking about your lame life experiences.
  8. Send the proposal only once to see whether the person is interested or not
  9. Try new people and interact with them. A social interaction will groom your dating experience.
  10. Look for reliability in other person’s stories and facts. Observe them before trusting them.
  11. Make a video call before spending too much time with them. It will help you to decide whether you like their appearance or not?
  12. Stay honest. Try to appear decent, loving and caring.
  13. Fix a face to face meeting as soon as possible when you find someone compatible for you.
  14. Always interact with viable persons whom you can meet in real life. People living at larger distances are not a good choice.
  15. Let the things move slowly. Spend much time with each other online .Meet them in real life to make any serious relationship.

Things to Avoid

  1. Don’t provide wrong information.
  2. Don’t flood your profile with your own appreciation and achievements.
  3. Don’t discuss any tragedy of life. It makes you look like a sad-sack. People may dislike your company this way.
  4. Don’t use any celebrities or your pet’s photo in your profile. Use your own.
  5. Don’t send too many messages to someone who hasn’t responded to your first message.
  6. Don’t tell people that you are totally mad for them. They can take you for granted.
  7. Don’t show attachment with your ex-mate.
  8. Don’t visit online dating websites from your office’s computer. Browse at home and keep a safe personal life
  9. Don’t date multiple people at the same time. It can harm your reputation and credibility.
  10. Don’t fell for profile picture as that can be the edited one.
  11. Don’t accept everything thing told to you as a truth. People can fool you so be cautious
  12. Don’t share too much personal information with any stranger over the dating sites. This data can be used against you in any lawsuit.
  13. Don’t get too much attached to someone whom you have not met yet.
  14. Don’t make lame jokes to appear fun loving. People have different sense of humor and may dislike your jokes.
  15. Don’t directly ask personal questions in first communication. Give things some time to happen.

You may find a real life partner if you may follow these dos and don’ts of online dating.