Nikolaev Ukraine

Whichever dating experience you are looking for, be it meeting girls via romance tours in Mykolaiv Ukraine, a dating agency or through online dating services, Ukraine’s got it. The Ukrainian dating field is growing rapidly as more men than ever before are trying to find spouses abroad. The agencies have come up with a new service called romance tours, a meeting for potential couples to learn more about each other. Most people unfamiliar with the concept of international courting have doubts about the possibility of this type of dating. Travelling hundreds of kilometres all the way to the Ukraine, seeing sights, taking tours, and meeting women at the same time may sound a bit crazy for some. It may feel like this is too much trouble and a lot more pricey when compared to internet dating. While this is true, thousands of men are willing to pay the extra money to get the dating experience of their life.

What’s Included in the Tour

Normally, nearly everything is covered – from airport transfers to your accommodation and social activities to translators. Agencies try to do their best in offering you all you need so when you’re on the romance tour, all you have to do is focus on dating or meeting Ukrainian girls. The duration of each tour is different and depends on the organization you have chosen, but to offer the maximum and let you you take your time, the tours last around twelve to fourteen days.

Popular Locations

Ukraine is a country with unique history. Several heritage sites and interesting places make it the perfect place for a holiday. The Romance Tours generally take place in Odessa or Nikolaev cities, although other villages may be visited too. These places have been chosen because of their scenic spots, soiree destinations and, of course, the number of wonderful local ladies in the area.


There’s no normal price for a typical romance tour as this varies for different organizations, as do the activities on each tour. Expect to pay between $2,000-$5,000. No need to worry though, some companies offer special deals, like the early bird payment, etc. Even though these tours are mostly created for American customers, non-US clients can purchase a land only package with everything included except the flight. Many of the tour packages include free credits or membership discounts to the company’s homepage, besides the above mentioned costs like social activities. It’s likely that, if you meet your perfect match, the agency will help with the paperwork of a spouse visa too.

How to Choose the Right Option for You

Choosing a romance tour package is not any different from selecting a holiday package. You’ll want to ask questions like:

-Which tour package would give me the best experience (with less hassle)?
-Which tour has received the best reviews?
-Which tour can I afford?

Before deciding on a tour, think of why you’re travelling to another country at all. This will help you make your choice. Make sure you find out everything about what the tour includes – the type of your motel, social activities planned, the meals that are served, etc. Besides finding the love of your life, you also want to have the best experience possible.

Alex Vidal