With famous beauties such as Milla Jovovich, Mila Kunis and Olga Kurylenko filling our screens and magazines, Ukraine has become famous for harboring some of the most beautiful women in the world. In fact, there are beautiful and average-looking women in all countries. Ukrainian women, on the whole, do look beautiful when they go out because they spend a long time getting dressed and putting on make-up. This contrasts with some countries where women adopt a more casual look unless going somewhere special. Here are some of the misconceptions that you should consider when using online dating to meet Ukrainian girls.

Myths about Ukrainian Beauties and Realities

Lets explore what exactly are myths about Ukrainian beauties and what is the reality that you must know before you go for online dating:

 All Ukrainian Girls are Beautiful

If the dating website you use has only young, beautiful girls you should be wary. Ukrainian women of all ages and levels of attractiveness seek men from other countries. Even some divorced women with children seek an overseas husband because they believe foreign men will be more accepting of their situation. You should see a diverse cross-section of women in the profiles on a legitimate website. Logically, the most attractive Ukrainian women will be married to rich Ukrainian men. Pictures that look too beautiful are probably photoshopped or the women are not actually available.

You need to be realistic. Unless you are a millionaire who looks like Brad Pitt, you should seek women who are closer to your own age and appear pleasant rather than stunningly attractive.

All Ukrainian Girls Speak Good English

The Ukrainian models and actresses on our TV screens speak good English. In the Ukraine itself, most girls speak survival English, some speak good conversational English and a few have native level language skills. If all the letters from potential dates are written in perfect English, you should take care. There is a possibility that the letters have been written by a translator rather than the girls themselves. Similarly, if you are allowed to see a girl on webcam but not speak to her, it is likely that her English skills are lacking.

Ukrainian Girls are Tired of Ukrainian Men

This is partly true. Ukrainian women have become jaded because a lot of men in the Ukraine drink to excess and expect their wives to be perfect homemakers and mothers. However, many girls come from poor families and believe their prospects will be better overseas. Be brutally honest about your financial situation. If you are working overtime to save money to visit a girl, let her know so she doesn’t have unrealistic expectations.

Ukrainian men tend to adopt a macho attitude when dating women. They will lurk in the dark corners of nightclubs rather than asking them to dance. Ukrainian women do hope that foreign men will be more romantic in relationships.

Take It Slowly

Treat your online dating experience the same as you would any other relationship. It should develop slowly and you should both take time to learn about each other. Try to learn more about Ukrainian culture, economy and politics so you can better judge the authenticity of girls you meet online. If you bear these myths about Ukrainian beauties in mind, your online dating experience is more likely to be rewarding.