Each person has their understanding of what the ideal online dating life is. Everyone thinks their approach is the right one and that it will get them what they are after. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way we want. We could all benefit from upgrading our knowledge of the fundamentals of the world of dating. We took the time to consult some online dating experts and here is what they had to say:

1. Online Dating with Preconceptions Is a Bad Idea

online datingThe online dating world is interesting in the way that it allows us to narrow down our search. You can look for what you think is the ideal woman for you. That is where the dating experts point out one of our greatest mistakes lay. While you are looking for that blond, blue-eyed, 5ft5 knockout who loves abstract art and kite-surfing, you may miss many opportunities. Being too specific with what you want may hinder your success in online dating. Keep an open mind.

2. Online Daters and the Mirror

The second tip is an extension of the first one. Everyone wants a very attractive partner. Preferably someone who is in great shape and exercises regularly. Ideally, we want someone that does not smoke, drink and eats healthy. Online dating experts recommend taking a long look at the mirror. Do you match what you are looking for? Don’t think for a second that the other person isn’t evaluating you based on attractiveness as well.

3. Being Overly Confident Can Backfire

It is understandable that one wants to impress the person they are attracted to. While doing that, it is sometimes easy to remember to put the focus on the other person. We may get stuck telling them the story of every little success we have had in life. All that in the effort of trying to win their affection. However, this approach, experts say, can and often does backfire. Nobody wants to be in conversation with someone who only talks about themselves. Ask your online date questions and see how much more into you they are.