Online Dating Sites

There are tons of different services in Russia and Ukraine, designed to help single people find romance. Call them how you want – dating agencies, dating services through online dating sites – there’s no doubt you will find the service that you want. The Ukrainian and Russian dating businesses are escalating fast, as more men than before are trying to find partners overseas. Here’s a little introduction to one of them – romance tours, an event for potential couples to learn more about each other. If you’re not a member of any of the best online dating sites yet, you might think that long distance relationships are not really possible. Travelling thousands of miles all the way to Ukraine or Russia, taking tours, seeing the sights, and meeting ladies simultaneously might sound a tad crazy for some. This sounds like a lot of trouble and a lot more expensive than dating ladies online. Well, yes but we are here to inform you that thousands of western men really want to take a step further to find the woman they have always dreamed of through these tour packages.


Most of the costs of your trip are included in the tour – from airfare and transfers to qualified translators and social events. Dating agencies are doing their best to give you the dating experience of your life. All there’s left to do is find and date Russian women. Depending on the organisation, the dating tours may last ten days or more. After all, the intent of the company is to give you the best experience possible and make you come back for more.


Russia is a popular country among tourists who come to see the historical sights and beautiful scenery. With these Ukraine romance tours, the most visited places are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod and Volgograd, just to name a couple. These regions have been chosen because of their scenery, soiree destinations and, not surprisingly, the number of stunning local girls on or close to the area.


When discussing the standard fees for these romance tours, it generally varies from company to company just like the activities differ for each one. Expect that the prices range from $2,000-$5,000. Of course, there are special rates available, like the early bird transaction, for example. Most clients of the dating companies are from the United States, nevertheless there are some non-US clients too. In this case, the client can buy a land only package which includes everything but your flights. In addition to the costs mentioned previously – accommodation, social activities, transfers, etc, the packages can also include special offers like credits for services or membership discounts on the online dating sites. You never know, if you are lucky, they might even help with the dealings of a spouse visa.

Best Packages for Romance Tours

Deciding on a romance tour package is no different from picking your vacation deal. Consider these things first:

-Which tour package would give me the best experience (with less hassle)?
-Which tour has received the best reviews?
-Which tour can I afford?

It’s important to know what you want from this experience when you’re choosing the right romance tour. This will help you make your choice. Be sure to find out everything about what the tour includes – the type of your hotel, social activities planned, the meals that are served, etc. Other than finding the woman of your dreams, you want to have the experience of a life time too!

Alex Vidal