Planning a romantic trip may be stressful – there are so many places to choose from. Many places are unique, exciting, breath-taking and interesting. If you’ve been online dating someone for a while and have gotten the idea to take her to somewhere in Asia then these suggestions are perfect for you:


This place is entirely about nature. There are the beaches, rivers, trees, caves, diving and so on. If the both of you are into the idea of connecting with nature then Palawan is the right place for you. Palawan is peaceful and quiet but still has lots of activities for you.


Phuket is a very popular destination. The weather is always amazing, the beaches stunning and the nightlife amazing. You can spend your day at the beach and relax and after that go out to the town at nigh. It is a touristy place but if you and your date don’t mind crowds than this is the right spot for you.


What is the first thing that pops into your head when someone mentions Bali? The typical answer is: the volcanoes, untouched beaches, secret spots hidden in the nature and so on. For some it’s the attraction of the bustling nightlife, for others it is the amazing cultural heritage. Pick Bali as your destination if you want an exciting experience that takes a lot of energy.


The best time to visit Kyoto is in February. The entire month is celebrated as chocolate month. Almost all the stores you can find downtown participate in the activites. Other than that Kyoto is amazingly beautiful with its many caffés, restaurants and adorable little gift shops.


If you’re not a huge fan of nature and love the idea of going for exciting activities in the bounds of the city, then this is the ideal place for you. It is one of Asia’s top honeymoon destinations. Couples can dine in the best restaurants, spend their time in the best resorts, shop in the largest malls in Asia, all while being surrounded by the very unique Kuala Lumpur ambiance.

There are many more places to choose from in Asia but we have rated these five to be the ones you may want to take your online dating partner to.