Women anywhere have a certain image in their mind about their mystery man. They want to have a relationship with a man who has some characteristics which they consider to be attractive. These traits immediately turn them on and they can spot them even in a million people. The Polish women have their own individuality but there are a few things which are common in all of them. The desirable traits by the Polish women are:


Apparel oft proclaims the man”, this maxim suits the Polish women very well. The first thing a Polish woman casts her eyes on in a man is his physical appearance. A good looking man is sure to draw the attention of every soul belonging to the opposite sex. The combo of good looks and a well groomed personality is sure to ignite the fire in the heart of every Polish woman.


Love is what makes the world go round. It is the most important thing a Polish woman or any woman around the world is looking for in a man.


Love without loyalty is like a cake without icing. The Polish women want their men to be honest and loyal to them. The men who are dating a Polish woman should be very careful about having a number of romantic relationships at one and the same time.

Financial Security

A man who is not financially secure is not reliable; this is what the Polish women think.


Men who brag about their money, status or qualification aren’t liked by the Polish ladies. Men who wish to date Polish women should be modest and down to earth. Their demeanor should be very humble and unpretentious.


Like every other woman the Polish women also want their men to be totally focused towards them. They don’t want the attention of their men to be diverted at any time.

Give Her Time

Time has to be spared to show your love. Polish women want to be able to spend as much time with their love interest as possible.

Sexual Interest

Polish women are very upfront about sex, they don’t like to beat around the bush and want their men to be intimate with them. The man too has to show his willingness and interest in the woman he loves. Intimacy also suggests that the couple is going towards a serious relationship.

Mutual Interests

The mutual interests between a couple help to keep the fire ignited. The man should go to places of common interest with his lady to keep her pleased.

Vacation Time

Vacation time should not be solitary time for a man who is courting a Polish woman. Polish women like to accompany their men on their vacations. Besides, it is a great way to spend some quality time together.


The Polish woman wants her man to show the chivalrous aspect of his personality time and again. He should often give her gifts and flowers to express his love to her.