The only way to truly judge if there is true chemistry between yourself and a lovely Russian lady is to meet in person. Romance tours can arrange everything: airfares, visas, accommodation, meals, interpreters and social events where you can meet numerous potential brides. Check that the tour company has a good reputation. By paying with your credit card, you may have some grounds for dispute if the tour company does not deliver as promised.

The road to true romance is never easy and the same applies to finding your lovely Russian lady. Make sure that you have considered your motivations carefully before undertaking this path. Whilst it is true that the average Russian woman has more traditional values, there are also women who are seeking to advance their careers and have a husband who is will to share housework. Like women everywhere, Russian women come with a range of sizes, shapes, opinions and desires.

The best romance tours will offer you a chance to meet women at several parties and visit a range of cities.  The women in large cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow have quite different lifestyles and expectations than women in smaller, less affluent places such as Volgograd and Tver. Visiting several cities also allows you to appreciate the beauty and culture of this wonderful country. If you are seeking a partner in Russia, it is important to know a little about the country and its customs.

At the parties organized by the romance tour company, there will be many more women than men. At first, this may seem overwhelming. It is therefore important to have your goals and expectations clearly set. Some of the women may indeed be very young and beautiful but if you are an older gentleman, consider whether this will be realistic and if the girl is truly genuine. The tour companies can check the identities of the women and verify that they are indeed single, but they cannot read inside a person’s heart. Use your instincts and commonsense when deciding which women you would like to get to know better.

Once you have selected a woman with whom you feel you have a connection, the romance tour company can arrange for a private meeting. This gives you the opportunity to decide if you will pursue the relationship further and correspond with the lady in question. The tour company will provide interpreters for these dates if necessary. Many potential Russian brides can speak English but not necessarily to native level. An interpreter can ensure that no misunderstandings occur.

There are some important points that you should discuss with a woman if you wish to continue dating. A younger bride may wish to have children. Decide if you are willing to have children. Will you be happy if your wife wishes to work outside the home? Will you be able to accompany your wife back to Russia regularly to visit her family? Make sure that these expectations are clearly understood. It is easy to be caught up in the excitement of the moment only to discover that you have different needs later.

Dating a lovely Russian lady can be quite a lengthy process, taking up to two years to organize visas and travel to your home country. By meeting women face to face during a romance dating tour, you can make better decisions, saving time and money in the long run.