Tired of the mediocre? Tired of settling for the mundane? Do you want a change in your life to make it more exciting? Well, dating a Russian woman is certain to guarantee you a change in your life. Now you might wonder where you can find such women. Where you find most of life’s greatest treats, which is the Internet. Now before you go rushing over to your computer, remember that this may not always be easy sailing. Most of these Russian women may view you suspiciously initially. In fact, most of the women on Russian dating sites use it as an escape route to move away from an oppressive culture. Also, several of these websites host women criminals and are scams.   Returning to the positive aspect of dating Russian women, you’ll find most of them are not only beautiful but are also educated, open-minded, and do not mind living modestly. You may wonder why then, do these women not settle for men from their own country. Well, the answer to that is that Russian women are outnumbered by about 12 million.

On the downside though, they may not have the best English, so you’ll probably have a bit of trouble talking to them. However, if things start looking positive, you can both learn the basics of each other’s language in order to communicate more easily.

Russian woman

There are a few ways you can find Russian women. The first and the most obvious way is going to Russia. If you’re worried about not knowing where to go once you get there, well worry no more, there are specific tourist agencies whose sole purpose is to help men find eligible Russian wives. This is perhaps the best way to search for the woman of your dreams. However, if this is too expensive or time consuming, there are plenty of websites that offer the same service.

As for the women themselves, their customs and traditions may require a little time to get used to. For example, don’t be surprised if you try to impress your Russian wife by giving her roses, but end up offending her. An even number of roses symbolizes death in Russia. Although not extravagant or excessively materialistic, these women demand a great deal of attention. They need to know they’re loved. Paying attention to the little details will go a long way. Also, the concept of romance is very significant. Even though they may sound like any other women, they really aren’t. Russian wives can be loving and loyal, but they expect a lot in return.

Despite the possible disadvantages, dating Russian women actually has many benefits that easily outweigh the negatives associated with it. They are associated with higher culture. In addition, they possess impeccable style and are generally very well dressed.

A downside is that since most of these women are looking for a way out of their country, their intentions may not always be noble.  They may just marry you for a visa and then look for a partner they find more suitable. Not to suggest that all these women are gold diggers; some genuinely want a husband to spend their lives with, but as with regular dating, the risk always exists, so tread carefully.

As you can see, there are both positives and negatives attached with dating Russian women. However, the benefits generally tend to outweigh the disadvantages if you choose the right girl.

Alex Vidal