Russian cultureEvery culture existing on this planet is different from all others. Even so there are some universally accepted norms around. In Russia, people do some thing very differently from what you and I are used to. These things do seem peculiar to us and the rest if the world. This article details a couple of differences found in the Russian culture.

1. Punctuality

In Western cultures all around the world, most especially so in the United States and Japan, time is of the essence. There are many sayings around time and people seem to take them literally. It is regarded with utmost importance. That means that if something is scheduled for 1PM it will begin at 1PM and that is it. That also contributes to the many individuals who are very short fused when it seems they may have to waste a minute of their time.

The Difference in Russia:

Russian culture has a long background in agriculture and the metaphor of it has carried into the future and into the present time. People plant seeds and wait for harvest time. Ending up somewhere at 1PM sharp depends on many things. People don’t feel a lot of pressure to comply with a schedule. This means they love to take their sweet time to get things done. While a westerner is in the meeting room 10 minutes early, a Russian may well be 10 minutes late and think nothing of it.

2. Smiles

In most cultures on the planet, smiling is seen as an act of hospitality, it is expressing kindness and warmth. It is normal to greet people with a smile, and leave with one as well. With all the songs and quotes about smiling, it has deeply embedded into these cultures. Smiles are normal and even expected in some parts of the globe.

The Difference in Russia:

It seems as pessimism has taken root with the difficult history that Russia has had. People have endured lots of hardships and also extremely tough climate for centuries and centuries. Smiling isn’t something you see a lot of when walking down the streets. There will be serious faces instead. Once you get to know a Russian you will notice a change in this. Smiles are reserved for friends and family.

3. Weddings and Wedding Rings

We are use to wedding rings being worn on the left finger. Same with engagement and promise rings. Regarding the wedding, it is normal for the bride’s family to chip in with the groom’s to pay for the rehearsal dinner. That is the norm for us but in some cultures it can be quite different.

The Difference in Russia:

In Russia, wedding rings are typically worn on the right finger and not on the left like we are used to. And in Russian culture it is the groom’s family that pick up the bill for everything.