Are you thinking about dating an Asian woman? It isn’t as simple as it sounds since the American and Asian culture is so different. You have to change your approach. The overly confident, cocky approach definitely doesn’t work in the Asian dating market. This article outlines what does work. beautiful_asian_woman_japanese_girl_beauty

1. Friendship is important

It is very acceptable in Asia to play cupid and set people up for a blind date. This means friends and networking plays an important role in the Asian dating scene. Randomly walking up to someone and asking them out on a date rarely works over there. Most dates are set up.

2. Common ground

When you’re on a date with an Asian woman, you need to find common ground between the two of you in order to make the date more comfortable. Provided that you are on a date that was set up by a friend, a good topic to discuss is anything about that person. The best topics are anything you may have in common: common hobbies, common goals and so on. Keyword being: “common”.

3. Playing hard to get

This is something that can apply to both women and men. This is very cliché but Asian women love to be chased and the guys love to do the chasing. Interestingly enough in Asia the guys may also enjoy the concept of being chased. In your case it is better to be in the first group. Make an effort to show her that you’re the kind of person who is in it for the long haul.

4. Group dating

We realize this sounds really strange but let us explain. This is an important point because in Asia it makes more sense to go out as a group prior to actually dating someone. That makes people much more comfortable. Invite several of your friends that know the girl out for some food, karaoke or out for drinks. Once you’ve had four or five dates like this, it makes sense for you to ask her out alone.

Is the scene different?

Can you tell the Asian dating scene differs from yours? Especially so if you want to show that you are serious about dating that Asian woman. Clicking with someone from that culture means you need to be aware of what they are used to so get online and do some homework. Read blogs, forums and even watch some Asian movies to help you get a better understanding.

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