Being in a good relationship takes a lot of effort and patience. Basically, you cannot expect the perfect match for you to appear instantly. “You have to wait until the right person at the right time comes along.” This is a common and traditional saying. But it is still applicable to the gorgeous European Women?

As for these European girls, what are their standards in finding their right guy? How do they date men? Many European women end up finding the right guy through various dating agencies on the Internet. Here are some tips for you guys on how to make a European woman like you.


Respect your differences

More likely than not, when you are seeking to date a European woman, you are a foreigner to Europe. The European girl you meet, may be a Ukrainian, Russian or from various other countries. Bear in mind that you might not have the same way of thinking (no two people ever think alike). What’s good for you may not be good for her and vice versa.

Culture Conversations

Always be mindful that you two do not have the same culture, and as much as possible, do not let your difference become an awkward part of the relationship by speaking about them all the time. Above all, do not try to be superior about your own beliefs. She might become angry and call off the relationship.

Make the first move

For Russian women, men must always make the first move. Muster up all of your confidence when dating a Russian woman so that you do not stutter or come across as too meek. Be confident and show her that you are a strong man.

Be fit

European women love their bodies so much, and they want a man who is also fit. They usually eat just small portions, so do not try to force them to eat too much.

You, not the Money

Do not try to send them money. More likely, they do not need that. They want you, not your money. You might offend them.

Be yourself

Do not put on an act or imitate another person just to impress her. You have to be yourself. European women are honest, and in return they expect honesty from their men.

Be patient

When beginning to date face-to-face, you have to be patient and keep in mind that a lady has many “rituals” they must do to get ready for a meeting or date, especially for Ukraine women (although ladies everywhere do this anyways).

Don’t condemn the way she dresses

It is very simple. Accept everything about her. You already know that European women want to look gorgeous and sexy. Dressing up in clothes the way they want is one way of making themselves beautiful.

Keep your promises

Do not ever procrastinate. Do your words. Do not make excuses if you cannot do the things you say you will; she is better off without you around.

Despite the differences of culture, the quoted sentences above are still true for these lovely ladies. Effort, patience and respect: a man must possess all of these in order to have a successful European date. These are just some facts that men should know before dating a European woman. For help with finding these gorgeous women, dating agencies on the Internet might be a great help to you.