ukrainian beautiesDating Ukrainian beauties is not an exact science and so there is no handbook or tutorial that can teach everyone how to deal with ladies from the country during courtship. Each and every one of the Ukrainian beauties is a unique being and therefore while some dating techniques may work on one lady, they may not work half as well when tried on another different Ukrainian lady.

What to avoid when dating Ukrainian beauties

However, even though there is no handbook to teach about the mindset of Ukrainian beauties or to teach western men how to deal with them, there is no harm in learning from other people who have tried the same thing before. In fact the best way to learn how to successfully meet and date Ukrainian beauties is by reviewing the mistakes made by others who unsuccessfully tried to date the ladies and then doing your best to avoid making these mistakes yourself. To this end, the following is a list of the 5 most common mistakes that western men make when they hook up with Ukrainian beauties;

  • Sending them money; genuine Ukrainian girls will not ask you to send them money even if they actually need that kind of help. They are simply too proud to stoop to that. The women who ask for money are mostly cons who will fleece you dry if you are not careful. Think of it this way, if you were dating a western woman, would you start giving her money on the first date and continue doing so?
  • Failing to visit the girl’s country; if you are planning on one day inviting her to come to your country, immigration laws and courting etiquette dictate that you first visit her country. Most Ukrainian beauties will definitely have reservations about flying to a new country to meet a man they have never seen before and visiting her first will set her mind at ease.
  • Falling in love with photos; there is no guarantee that the person in the profile picture is the real person you will be meeting and even if she is, the photos may not be up to date on her present appearance. Falling in love with photos and not the person leads to disappointments when the two turn out to be different
  • Lying about yourself; in the end, one or more of the Ukrainian beauties you are dating will know the real truth about you and if you had been lying all along, you will most probably be shown the door.
  • Focusing on only one woman; in the initial stages, right after you decide that you want to date Ukrainian beauties, it is important to talk to multiple Ukrainian women before settling on a single one.