Ever since the evolution of the Internet, international dating has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Dating has become so easy that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. All that it will cost you is a basic Internet connection and a credit card number. Before you know it, you are visiting a Russian dating site in the hopes of sparking some sort of relationship with a Russian single girl who is also looking for love online.

Russian woman

Most of the international dating sites that show up on your preferred search engine promise a free registration, and while this this usually true, you are basically giving them permission to fill your inbox with tons of spam emails pertaining to matches they found for you. When the online dating phenomenon began, it was basic, simple and most of all, free. You could chat with people in your neighborhood or region, and when the time felt right, a meeting was arranged. Many people who have met on the Internet have truly found love. Today though, you can sit in the comfort of your living room in Cape Town, South Africa and after a rigorous process of Vetting and scoring, you can select a Russian bride with the click of a button. The difference now is that with video calling technology such as Skype, you can actually see and chat with that person. Suddenly, a potential Russian bride is at your doorstep.

The prices for these chats can turn out to be more expensive than you might think. For instance, some sites work on a letter per credit basis. Each letter you send to a participant will cost you 10 credits. 20 credits will set you back $15.99. The price goes upwards to $399 for 1000 credits! You can also chat live with a Russian single, which will cost you 1 credit per minute, or chatting via webcam will cost you 6 credits per minute. Not to mention the Virtual gifts you can purchase. 15 Credits for a rose that will remain on her profile for 7 days.

Make no mistake, international dating sites are here to stay. The fall of the Soviet Union has seen Russian singles flocking to International Marriage Agencies with the promise of a better life for themselves. These women are also unnervingly beautiful. As a man looking through their profiles, you will sometimes feel that having such an attractive Russian woman by his side will suddenly make the world seem fair.

Even after scrolling through various sites, looking at cost, looking at beautiful women who would probably give me the most adorable offspring, I prefer to stick with the normal method of meeting people of the opposite sex. Yes, we still make use of social media on a daily basis, but I would prefer to have met someone in person before I make a decision about how I feel about them. Just like Russian dating sites are here to stay, so is the traditional way of doing things. I won’t trust a robot to make my coffee, and neither will I trust a website to tell me that I have a 100% match to someone 4000 miles away from me. The Internet may be able to show me Russian women I might be interested in, but I know that I will need to chat with her for a long time, get to know her, and travel to meet her in person before things get too serious. I have confidence that I will eventually find the woman of my dreams, but it’s going to take some patience and dedication before I get there. Even the technology of the Internet cannot make me fall in love instantly.

Alex Vidal