Cougar Dating Are you looking for older women?

Cougar Dating Are you looking for older women? Do you want to be pampered with gifts, money and love? Cougar dating is the answer to your dilemma. An Older woman dating younger man is the upcoming trend. Today, successive older women are willing to mingle with younger and attractive men. All the older women want is to feel loved and younger again. Youthful guys are attracted to dating cougars with more experience and are financially stable than girls of their age.

Mixed Signals: A Step-by-Step Guide

My previous post about guys sending mixed signals remains one of the most read on this blog, and it’s the topic I receive the most questions about. But while that post used some great examples from readers (along with the advice I gave them), I’ve always felt like there’s more to say. So picking up where I left off, I’ve put together a practical, step-by-step guide, from the guy perspective, explaining what to do when guys send mixed signals.

Friends with Benefits: Who Benefits?

I’ve been fielding a lot of blog questions recently about friends with benefits (FWB) relationships. Circumstances vary, but the situation usually plays out the same way: you get into a friends with benefits understanding with a guy, it seems like it might become something more, and then it ends with you getting hurt.

Who Pays?

A friend and longtime reader just wrote because she’s dating again and facing a dilemma. Tradition has it that the guy pays for the first date, but should you still offer to split the bill? What about after that? How many dates should the guy pay for? And when does he lose points for splitting the bill, or for letting you pay instead?

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