Online matchmaking tips

Even though the general etiquette for dating women on online matchmaking sites is similar to traditional dating, there are a few things to take into account when dating foreign women on the internet. No matter whether you’re new to online dating or just need a little bit of help, here’s a little guide to help you succeed in international relationships.

1. Don’t make up things about yourself

Honestly, nothing else will make a woman lose interest in a man faster than discovering that her partner is not sincere. You shouldn’t lie about essential things like your job and income, religious and political views, age, nationality, etc. Also, choose your profile photo carefully as you want to stand out among hundreds of other single men looking for love. Anyway, if things go well for you two, you will meet your woman in person sooner or later and you don’t want to be exposed as a fraudster.

2. Don’t say anything that might offend your partner

When you’ve finally found the woman who interests you the most, you should be careful not to scare her away by saying things which she could misunderstand. Some men make the mistake of brining up topics like sex or marriage too early in the relationship. Most women are not comfortable with men who try to rush things, so be careful with what you say. Of course you can tell a woman that you find her beautiful, but you shouldn’t make tacky comments about her body.

Online Matchmaking

3. Fill out your profile as much as you can

Since your profile is the first thing a woman will see when she’s browsing the online matchmaking site, you need to make sure that it’s an interesting one. You shouldn’t display a profile with only minimal information. It’s a fact that men who have filled out their complete profile will get more letters from available singles than those guys who only write a sentence or two. Include information about what you like and don’t like, what kind of women interest you etc. The more detailed your profile, the better your chances of meeting that perfect woman.

4. Don’t expect too much too soon

Let’s say you’ve found a profile of a woman who seems to be a good match. She is very attractive, her hobbies and interests are similar to yours so you send her an invite to connect with you. A couple of days pass and you haven’t heard from her, so you send her a new email, and another, and another. Even though most women like guys who are persistent, a lot of ladies will find this kind of behaviour annoying. Remember, the woman may not be able to use internet too often, so you should be patient. A lack of reply in the first week doesn’t mean she’s not interested.

5. Don’t be aggressive

If you have met the woman of your dreams, do not scare her off by getting overly aggressive and needy. While most women won’t mind the enthusiasm, asking for a face to face meeting too soon may possibly make your partner feel uncomfortable. Do not rush things! Take time to get to know her first as women need time to fall in love with someone.

Alex Vidal