Ukrainian women are kind of similar to Russian women. Despite that, they still maintain their very unique traits and unique beauty. They have a very fascinating culture, traditions and a rich heritage that you will definitely enjoy when you meet or date Ukrainian women.

We’ve written down a few of the reasons why Ukrainian women are so called date-able. If you’re not too sure that you want to date a Ukrainian woman just yet, here are three reasons that can tell you exactly why you should date one: date Ukrainian women

1. There is a Man Shortage in Ukraine

There are fewer men than there are women in Ukraine. Or we could rephrase it to: there is a shortage of great men in Ukraine. By great we mean suitable for marriage – guys with good stable jobs, who are sincerely interested in tying down and creating a family and building a future together. We’re not trying to undermine men from Ukraine it’s just that the good ones are mostly taken.

This is a big reason why women from Ukraine are looking to date outside their country and another reason is that there are so many foreigners who are ready to go for marriage as a result of online dating.

2. There Are No Hung Ups on Culture or Age

In some countries, like United States, there seem to be several rules that people prefer to follow. There is a threshold for these rules and anything above or below will be seen as a taboo. This doesn’t apply to Ukraine since lots of people are open to other cultures and marrying someone younger or older isn’t a question.

So you don’t need to be concerned about your age or all the cultural differences. If you’re dating a Ukrainian woman you will easily get past these matters.

3. Not Afraid to Give Guys Attention

A lot of the time, women in America play hard to get. They love playing these games – saying yes and meaning no, saying no and meaning yes. They act cold but want to be warm towards you. It’s different in Ukraine where openly displaying your interest in someone is the norm. It’s not looked down upon when people act like this – it is expected. To them it is completely natural.

That’s why plenty of men go on Romance tours to Ukraine or Russia – they get a lot of attention from women that sign-up to social gatherings.

More Than Three

There are plenty more reasons why you should date Ukrainian women. It is a good idea to do some research on your own as well. Come back soon for more dating tips.