The title may leave you thinking that we are biased against Russian women. What we mean to say is that there are certain women in every culture that you shouldn’t get close to and Russian women are no exception. This article is focused on men interested in dating Russian women and is meant to offer helpful advice.

Here are the three types you shouldn’t try dating:

1. The Gold Digger Type

Russian womenRussian women have gotten a bad wrap thanks to the mail order bride boom. There were plenty of women who only dated Western men because it allowed them to get out of the country or escape financial burdens. Times have changed now and a lot of people are online searching for love and have sincere wishes. However, there are still some that would exploit vulnerable people. Let’s have a look at how to detect someone like that:

Online: Detecting a gold digger in an online setting is very easy. It usually won’t take long before they ask you for money. Usually there is at least one sad story that accompanies the asking – a family member is ill, they need to pay rent, everything they have go stolen and so on.

Offline: Realizing you are dealing with a gold digger offline isn’t too hard either. If the woman you are dating wants you to take her only to expensive restaurants and to buy her expensive presents then you know what it is.

2. The Dependent Person

Online: The dependent type can’t go for one day before they ask you for advice or help with something. You always find yourself sitting around and listening to her problems. They seem to forget that the online dating portal isn’t the therapist’s office.

Offline: It is important to know that in the Russian culture women are expected to rely upon men a little bit. But there is a line. If in the offline setting you find yourself basically working as an aide to someone then you’re not dealing with the right woman.

3. The Party Type

If you are looking for a long term relationship, then stay away from these Russian women. They are in it to have fun and are looking for for someone that could help them maintain their lifestyle. You can’t expect to create a family with these women. They are usually young, impulsive and not going to settle down anytime soon.


If you follow our tips, you should be able to steer clear of dating the wrong kind of Russian women. Do more research online and hopefully you will have luck with your dating.