This is definitely the most asked question when it comes to the topic of online dating Russian women. There are so many young, single Russian women that are all looking for a foreign partner. Why is that? We’ve all heard several possible answers to this question but which ones of them are true and which are not? In this article we will tell you exactly what the truth is – why Russian women date foreign men.

Reason no. 1

Russian women date foreign men because they can be more romantic than the most men in Russia. It is known that most Russian men aren’t much for romance – they don’t show or say how they feel. Sometimes the women have the same tendency even though it is universally understood that everyone needs to feel loved and cared for. Russian women opt for foreign men because men from other nations allow themselves to be more open and sensitive than their male counterparts in Russia.

Reason no. 2 Russian women date foreign men

Russian women date foreign men because there is a scarcity of good men in Russia. Statistically speaking there are many more women living in Russia then there are men. A study done in 2014 concludes that the Russian ratio of men to women is 0.86 male(s)/female (based on the 2014 total population estimate). This is a very good reason why Russian women focus on finding a date from another nation – there is so many different men to choose from.

Reason no. 3

Russian women go for foreign men because they haven’t had too many great experiences with men from their own country. We have all had issues like these. If it were you and you went through the same thing over and over and over again with different guys from your own country wouldn’t you turn elsewhere? Of course you would. Everyone would. We aren’t trying to say that all Russian men are bad at relationships but there are some issues there.

Reason no. 4

Russian women date foreign men because of internet. Internet makes everything so much easier and that includes dating. There are so many great online dating sites out there it’s no wonder that so many people go for it. You can reach people across the world, from completely different cultures with just a couple of clicks.


The list of reasons why Russian women date foreign men is long but we have found these four to be the most important ones. Check back soon for more Russian dating facts and online dating tips in general.